9 Best Powder Foundations That Will Suit All Skin Types

best powder foundation

Ever since the launch of liquid foundations, the powder foundations have taken a backseat for a while now, but guess what?

Things have been shifting lately. Influencers are giving powder foundations another try and checking how well they hold up. 

The days of powders that look like chalky messes are long gone. Today’s best powder foundations are finely milled, breathable, and cover a wide range of shades, matching every skin tone and type.

The cool thing about these formulations is how easily they blend and build. You can go for a light dusting when keeping things casual or ramp it up to a sophisticated full coverage for those fancy evening gatherings. 

With so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and that’s where I come in. 

In this article, I will break down the best powder foundations 2023 for all skin types. Plus, I’ll dish out some tips on applying powder foundation and what to look for when you’re shopping around. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s roll.

Best Powder Foundations For All Skin Types

Best ForProductCoveragePrice
Dry SkinIT Cosmetics Celebration Full Coverage Powder FoundationFull-Coverage$46
Mature SkinMake Up For Ever HD Skin Matte Velvet Powder FoundationMedium-to-Full Coverage$43
Oily SkinOne/Size Turn Up The Base Versatile Powder FoundationMedium-to-Full Coverage$38
Acne-Prone SkinNeutrogena SkinClearing Mineral PowderMedium-to-Full Coverage$12.49
Combination SkinMaybelline New York SuperStay Matte 24HR Makeup Powder FoundationMedium-to-Full Coverage$14.99
Full Coverage KVD Beauty Lock-It Powder FoundationFull-Coverage$37
Pressed Foundation Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder FoundationMedium-to-Full Coverage$54
Loose FoundationbareMinerals Original Loose Powder FoundationSheer-to-Full Coverage$38
Drugstore FoundationE.L.F. Cosmetics Camo Powder FoundationMedium-to-Full Coverage$11

Best Powder Foundation For Dry Skin: IT Cosmetics Celebration Full Coverage Powder Foundation

You know how most powder foundations are all about keeping that excess oil in check? They’re like the ultimate shine tamers and pore blur-ers. But here’s the cool part about this particular formula – it’s got this killer squad of hydrating skincare goodies in there.

Picture this: hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, and serious antioxidants like niacinamide and vitamin C. They’re all in on the game of brightening and moisturizing your skin. It’s like a beauty boost and foundation rolled into one, excellent for dry skin.

Oh, and by the way, it has that radiant finish and the cherry on top? No talc hanging around. But here’s the deal – it only comes in seven shades. So, if you’re rocking a skin tone that’s unique, that might be a bit of a bummer—just being real with you.

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Best Powder Foundation For Mature Skin: Make Up For Ever HD Skin Matte Velvet Powder Foundation

This powder foundation doesn’t just sit on your skin – it melts right in. Imagine an airbrushed finish that’s so seamless it practically disappears. 

The trick? It’s all about the power of three different powders working together to tackle redness, pores, and unevenness, all while keeping things cakiness-free.

The brand waved goodbye to its original formula but introduced the revamped “HD Skin” version, winning hearts this spring with its impressive coverage

It’s awesome that it comes in 32 hues (But we gotta thank Rihanna for that, huh?) and offers a range of coverage from sheer to full glam. 

And here’s the best part – they include a dual-sided sponge in the mix. One side lets you control how much product you use for your desired coverage, while the other helps you blend like a pro.

Now, the not-so-great news is that it’s priced at $43, which might make your wallet cry a bit. But hey, sometimes a little splurge is worth it, right?

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Best Powder Foundation For Oily Skin: One/Size Turn Up The Base Versatile Powder Foundation

This foundation is like a total game-changer, and it even scored a fancy Best of Beauty Award in 2021. It’s not your typical foundation – it’s like a multitasking wizard. 

When feeling glam, you can use this pressed powder as a full-coverage foundation or tap it on as a blotting powder for those oily times. It can even be a quick concealer when you’re in a hurry.

So, what’s inside? There are these two superstar ingredients: rice silk powder and true-color pigments. 

Rice silk powder swoops in to save the day, stopping that excess oil from turning your face into a shiny mess. And those true-color pigments? They’re like little magicians, zapping away those pesky dark spots.

Plus, they’ve covered you with 32 shades, making shade-matching a breeze. It’s like they’ve got a shade for everyone.

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Best Powder Foundation For Acne-Prone Skin: Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder

Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder is like a two-for-one deal. It’s not just for covering up those pesky breakouts; it’s got something special inside – salicylic acid. It is like a superhero for fighting acne. 

So, while you’re looking all fab, it’s secretly tackling those blemishes.

Now, Neutrogena says this formula won’t mess with your pores or leave you looking all shiny. It’s like your secret weapon for a matte finish.

Honestly, I wish they had more shades to choose from. But what’s really nice? The price won’t make your wallet cry, and it’s pretty cool that they added an ingredient that helps acne. So, you’re doing a little undercover acne-fighting while doing your makeup.

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Best Powder Foundation For Combination Skin: Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte 24HR Makeup Powder Foundation

The Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Powder Foundation is like a powerhouse against sweat, humidity, water, and that cakey look. 

What’s cool is that it combines the natural finish you’d get from a liquid foundation with a powder’s long-lasting, buildable coverage. So, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Even though it’s got this excellent coverage that can go from medium to full, it’s got a hidden talent. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t go around clogging up your pores. If you’ve got combination or oily skin, it’s also great as a setting powder.

They’ve covered you with 16 shades, so finding the perfect match isn’t too much work. Plus, the cherry on top? This best powder foundation is also budget-friendly.

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Best Powder Foundation Full Coverage: KVD Beauty Lock-It Powder Foundation

In your quest for a foundation that lives up to its promises, let me introduce you to the KVD Vegan Beauty Lock-It Powder Foundation – a real game-changer. 

Leave behind any notions of old-school cakey foundations because Lock-It is in a league of its own. It’s like a velvety dream as it glides onto your skin, surprising you with its softness.

I tested this product, and guess what? It doesn’t settle into fine lines or make dry patches look worse. Nope, it’s all about that seamless blend, giving you a natural yet beautifully full-coverage finish. It holds up like a champ throughout even the craziest days. 

Oh, and the icing on the cake? This best powder foundation is vegan and cruelty-free, which is good for you and the planet.

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Best Pressed Powder Foundation: Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

The name isn’t just for show. This formula, available in 17 shades, lives up to its “weightless” promise. It’s like a feather on your skin, leaving you with a smooth, shine-free finish that’s seriously impressive.

But it doesn’t stop there. This foundation isn’t just about looks; it’s got the goods to back it up. With medium-to-full coverage, it’s a pro at hiding those pesky blemishes and spots without getting all cakey on you. 

Here’s the surprising part – it has this squishy, comfy feel, which might be thanks to ingredients like squalane (a good-for-skin lipid) and botanical extracts like apricot and rosemary.

But, there’s a little hitch – the price. At $52, it’s definitely on the pricey side. But hey, sometimes you have to treat yourself, right?

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Best Loose Powder Foundation: bareMinerals Original Loose Powder Foundation

Straight from the heart of San Francisco, BareMinerals brings you the Original Loose Powder Foundation SPF 15 – a true game-changer in the makeup world. This isn’t your ordinary foundation; it’s like a skin-loving must-have.

People on TikTok are raving about how effortlessly it blends into their skin, giving a gorgeous natural and radiant finish. And guess what? It packs SPF 15, a daily treat for your skin’s health.

And it’s super buildable. With one product, you can rock a casual day look or glam up for a night out. No wonder it’s gained a cult following among beauty enthusiasts – it’s all about convenience and quality.

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Best Powder Foundation Drugstore: E.L.F. Cosmetics Camo Powder Foundation

Looking to save some cash but still want a top-notch foundation? Meet your new bestie – E.L.F. Cosmetics Powder Foundation, your vanity artist. 

This little gem is all about giving you control. Its primer-infused formula lets you call the shots on coverage – from medium to full – for that dreamy airbrushed finish.

They’ve got your shade too. With 30 options ranging from fair to rich, you’re covered. This best powder foundation also plays friendly with your skin. 

It has an oil control action like a secret blotting paper, keeping your face fresh and vibrant all day. No need to worry about flaky skin here – this foundation keeps things hydrated.

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How to apply powder foundation?

When it comes to putting on foundation, no matter what kind you’re using, the secret sauce is moisture. So, first things first, give your skin some love with a good moisturizer. Let it chill for around 10 minutes – that way, it sinks in and won’t mess up your primer later.

Now, for concealer action. If you’re using the liquid or cream stuff, slap it on before you go near any powder. And now, the star of the show – powder foundation. Skip the brush and grab an old-school makeup puff or a squishy, angled sponge. 

Pro tip: dampen that sponge a bit for more coverage. If it’s dry, coverage goes down.

Last but not least, focus on the flat spots when you’re hitting your face with powder. Avoid tricky spots like the creases around your nostrils, laugh lines, under your eyes, and anywhere with some texture or wrinkles. That way, your finish looks super smooth and on point.

What to look for when buying powder foundations?

Now that you’re in the loop about best powder foundations for all skin types, here’s the lowdown on what to consider when shopping for one:

Perfect Match

Whether browsing online or hitting a store, finding a foundation that genuinely suits your skin tone and undertone is essential. Those undertones come in cool, warm, and neutral varieties. Knowing yours helps you land on the right shade. Swatch a few on your jawline, or use online tools to uncover your ideal match.

Formula Flexibility

Not all powder foundations play by the same rules. Some are pressed, giving you a solid finish, while others are loose, offering a more adjustable coverage. Your preference is the captain here. Are you aiming for natural vibes or full-on coverage? Is it for setting a liquid foundation or being a solo act?

Ingredient Intel

Reading the ingredient label is like knowing the recipe for your makeup magic. Seek foundations with good stuff like hyaluronic acid for hydration or salicylic acid if breakouts concern you. 

On the flip side, dodge any products with iffy ingredients that could spell trouble. That means removing harsh chemicals, fragrances, or oils that might upset sensitive or breakout-prone skin.

Staying Power

A foundation that flakes or fades halfway through your day? No thanks. Check for products that promise a lasting look or tag themselves as long-wearing. You can even team it up with a primer for extra staying power.

Bottom line? Picking a powder foundation is like finding your makeup soulmate. It’s all about the correct shade, the perfect feel, friendly ingredients, and makeup that sticks around.

Wrapping Up

Best powder foundations are like the overachievers of makeup. They’re not just about the usual stuff like looking matte, radiant, or last all day. Nope, they’ve got a whole lot more to offer. With a sea of options, the ones mentioned above are the best powder foundations, suitable for all skin types – from dry to oily and even acne-prone skin.

When choosing the right one, go for powder foundations that pack a punch of pigment. That way, you get the goodness without feeling heavy. Remember, the thinner, the better.

Considering all that, the best powder foundation could easily be the superstar of your makeup routine. So, spill the beans – which powder foundation is your personal fave? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Who should use a full-coverage powder foundation? 

Full-coverage powder foundation is ideal for individuals looking to get a more polished and even skin tone, especially those with acne, scars, or hyperpigmentation. It’s also suitable for special occasions when you want a more perfect look.

How is a loose powder foundation different from a pressed powder foundation? 

Loose powder foundation is loose and typically offers a lighter coverage than pressed powder foundation, which is compacted into a solid form. You can layer a loose powder foundation for a customizable coverage level.

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