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Hey there! 💄

Drowning in a sea of beauty products all shouting “Pick me!”? Tried every face mask, serum, and cream without that promised glow? Need someone to help navigate the skincare jungle?

We’re here to cut through the beauty buzzwords, call out the over-hyped claims, and serve you the real deal on getting that daily glow. Plus, we’ve got the scoop on the best dupes for those pricey luxury makeup items. Our reviews dive deep into makeup, beauty products, and skincare routines. And hey, if a product claims to be vegan or cruelty-free, we’re on it, testing to make sure it’s legit.

Let’s make skincare simple, honest, and fun, shall we? ✨

Dream of Perfect Skin… Every Day?

Picture this:

Stepping out without a hint of makeup – because your skin is just that flawless.

Receiving compliments about your youthful glow – AGAIN and AGAIN.

Feeling fearless and radiant, giving you the confidence to chase after that dream job, embrace social gatherings without the dread of an unexpected pimple, and pursue all that was once restricted by skin woes.

This isn’t a fantasy. It’s the reality when you embrace skincare that truly delivers.

Our commitment is to uncomplicate skincare for you.

We aren’t swayed by the newest beauty tech, intricate skincare rituals, or the so-called “next best thing” since Botox. We vouch only for what’s backed by science… and you’d be intrigued to know that the core of effective skincare has remained consistent over the years!

Bid farewell to skincare confusion. Your path to radiant skin is much simpler than you presume…

About Me

Hello, I’m Rachel!

For a chunk of my life, I was a guinea pig to every skincare myth (yes, I believed lemon juice could give me an instant glow and thought SPF was just for vacations. Oops!).

My skin was far from perfect.

Dry patches here, unexpected breakouts there, and an oily forehead that could reflect light. I tested every beauty product and bizarre skincare ritual available, often to disappointing results.

It was my pivot to the profound world of cosmetic science that reshaped my journey.

I recognize you have more engaging activities than diving deep into intricate scientific journals. That’s precisely why I founded Bellomist. Here, I distill my findings into digestible, engaging content that won’t overwhelm you (though you might chuckle over your morning coffee – it’s been known to happen!).

Your Skincare Saviour

Eager to revolutionize your skincare journey?

Everyone is entitled to a skin that reflects their inner radiance. Whether you’re a skincare novice seeking a starting point, a beauty enthusiast eager to optimize your regimen, or a hustler seeking the perfect skincare blueprint, we have your back. Navigate here to discover your ideal skincare ally.

P.S. Dive deeper into the science of skincare with my book: Understanding Your Skin: From Surface to Core

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