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A little girl loved to dress; a love that transformed into a passion
As she grew up, it toned her grace and her knack for fashion
She loved to sling and dress in bling, full of fun in the happy spring
She spent her time like a king, hugging the joys her style would bring
Then one day, she felt a pang and thought her life was incomplete
She felt like giving this style to all, at a price that they could meet
Unique fashion that all could afford, exclusive and thoughtfully hand-picked
Wearing which would give them panache, and a flair that could not be missed
She dreamed to adorn every lady - a Madonna girl or a diva Mom
And that is how one fine day, her dream called Bello Mist was born.
Bello Mist was born in 2015, but has become my dream come true in 2020.  I have dreamed of owning my own boutique for the last 10 years and finally took the leap of faith in 2020 with the support and encouragement from my husband and children.  I have always LOVED fashion and I look forward to bringing you fashionable and affordable designs, with personal and friendly style-tips, that will keep you styled and uniquely you within your budget!  Bello Mist strives to provide you an enjoyable shopping experience and ensures it brings you only the best.
Love Jess